What We Do?

Unique Engineering BD is an industrial automation solution company in Bangladesh. We offer one-stop solutions for industrial automation in Dhaka Bangladesh.Thus our services include industrial automation-related products (PLC, HMI, VFD / Inverter, Servo Drive with Motor, Encoder, Sensor, SMPS, etc.), Industrial Electrical Electronics Equipment Repair, PLC Programming also machine Automation and Development work.In addition, we specialize in repairing PLC, HMI, inverter / VFD, power supply(SMPS), and many more complex electronics components. In the meantime, we also provide services related to backdated industrial machine upgrades.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the best industrial engineering automation solution company and the best machine spare parts supplier in Bangladesh. So we believe in quality and service.Thus we have got experienced engineers and technicians to ensure the best service and support. In conclusion, we focus on innovative ideas and technologies to ensure improved productivity and service. We are always committed to being a reliable industrial engineering automation solution Company

Our Mission

Provide excellence in solutions and easily capture the essence of what you need.

  • We are working with a purpose in mind and the purpose is to provide quality electronic repair services.
  • The goal of Unique Engineering is to provide excellent customized and innovative solutions through effective project management, through an unparalleled level of professionalism and dedication.
  • Within the company, we always want to provide a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.
  • Provide high and consistent quality products and services, ensuring the value of money to our customers.
  • We adhere to eight key values in conducting our business with our clients and within the company:
Best Industrial Engineering Automation Products Supplier Company in Dhaka Bangladesh at Unique Engineering BD


We maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional integrity in everything we do.

Best Industrial Engineering Automation Products Providers Company in Dhaka Bangladesh at Unique Engineering BD


 We do things for the first time and follow the best practices.

Industrial Engineering Automation Center in Dhaka Bangladesh at Unique Engineering BD

Technical Excellence 

We provide industry-leading quality in all our products and services.

Industrial Automation Products Supplier Company in Bangladesh at Unique Engineering BD


We adapt to a variety of business needs and respond to environmental changes in a timely manner.

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Customer Focus 

We listen to customers and build-up long-term relationships with them. By understanding their needs and expectations, we work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers and provide a better experience than our competitors.

Automation Machine Spare Parts Supplier in Bangladesh


 We come up with advanced solutions to solve our clients’ problems, improve their skills and manage their costs better.

Automation Products Seller Company in Dhaka Bangladesh at Unique Engineering BD


We evaluate and cultivate our employees for continuous learning, improvement, self-motivation, self-initiative, ownership, taking quick action, and always working to the best of their ability.

Best Industrial Engineering Automation Products Supplier in Dhaka Bangladesh at Unique Engineering BD


We seek the mutual support and cooperation of our employees, stakeholders, and partners with a combination of knowledge, experience, and diversity to work towards a win-win solution towards achieving sustainable success.


Our values serve as the foundation of what we do. In Unique Engineering, We..

  • …don’t compromise on integrity
  • …are committed to providing timely service
  • …believe in the team concept
  • …excel at fostering innovation
  • …practice good old-fashioned common sense
  • … are find ways to continually improve to better serve our customers.,