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Almost all residential areas use AC current. It is not possible to save AC current for future use. Thus, AC current is required to convert to DC current and it is stored in batteries, capacitors etc. When AC is needed the stored DC current is converted to AC to run AC based applications. The device that converts AC current to DC current is called an inverter.

An inverter converts DC voltage to AC voltage. Most of the time we see that the DC voltage output voltage is lower than AC. On the other hand, the output voltage is equal to the AC grid supply voltage. Or it is equal to 120 volts, 240 volts depending on the country. The inverter output of an inverter can be single phase or three phase. Typically, inverters are rated by total power capacity. The total power capacity ranges from one hundred to one megawatt.


There are some inverters that have the best geometry to start the motor. On the other hand, the ability to invert other electronic signals is limited. To better understand, the designer needs to identify both the type and size of the inverter for the purpose of service. Buy best price Inverter VFD in Bangladesh also AC drive, Variable Frequency Drive(VFD), Micro Drive is in stock.