Best PLC Repair Service Center in Dhaka Bangladesh

PLC Repair Service Center In Dhaka BD

If your electronic item is vital to your business, it’s important to know whom to contact when that tool goes down. For programmable logic controller (PLC) repairs, the clean choice is the unique engineering BD. We are the proven leader in repairing all types of industrial electronics circuit with PLC repair service and electronic PLC maintenance service.

We also have high-quality reconditioned PLC and I/O components like Siemens, Mitsubishi, Delta, Omron, ABB, Allen-Bradley, etc.

Our trusted PLC rebuilds provide you with surprisingly quick and easy solutions at or below a fair market price and bring us a full-service warranty.

Unique Engineering has been a trusted name since 2015 for PLC repairs and I/O module repairs, and we offer you a full 24-month service warranty on all PLC repairs and quality rebuilds. You will love our “actual repair evaluations” as well as the highest level of customer service for industrial electronic repairs. We do not offer you customized service and no initial evaluation fee on all PLC repair items.

Top PLC Repair Servicing Company in Dhaka Bangladesh at low price

List of PLC Brands that we are serving:

  • Siemens
  • Mitsubishi
  • Delta
  • Omron
  • LS
  • Fatek
  • ABB
  • Allen Bradley


  • PLC Repair
  • PLC Module Repair
  • PLC Processor Repair
  • PLC Power Supply Repair
  • PLC Processor Module Repair
  • PLC CPU Repair
  • PLC I/O Module Repair
  • PLC Circuit Board Repair
  • PLC Communication Module Repair
  • PLC Device net Repair
  • Encoder Module Repair
  • I/O Scanner Repair
  • PLC Power Supply Repair
  • PLC Analog Input/ Output Repair
  • Mini PLC Power Supply Repair
  • Mini PLC Processor Repair
  • Mini PLC Repair
  • Siemens PLC Repair
  • Siemens PLC S7 module Repair
  • Siemens S7-200/300/400/1200/1500 PLC CPU Repair
  • Siemens PLC Analog Input/Output Module Repair
  • Siemens PLC Input/Output Unit Repairing
  • Mitsubishi PLC Repairing
  • Mitsubishi PLC Input/Output Unit Repair
  • Mitsubishi PLC Module Repair
  • Mitsubishi PLC card repairing
  • Omron PLC Repairing
  • Omron PLC Card Repairing
  • Delta PLC Repairing
  • Delta PLC Card Repairing
  • Fatek PLC Repair
  • PLC Board Repair
  • PLC Controller Repair
  • PLC CPU Card Repair
  • PLC Digital I/O Repair
  • PLC Digital Input/Output Repair
  • PLC Encoder Repair
  • PLC Input/Output Module Repair
  • PLC Interface Board Repair
  • PLC Output Relay Repair
  • PLC Rack Repair
  • PLC Serial Input/ Output Repair
  • PLC Series Controller Repair
  • Simatic S7-200/300/400 Module Repair
  • Siemens PLC Digital Input/ Output Module Repair
  • Micro Plc Analog I/O Unit Repair
  • Micro PLC Repair

Best Service for PLC Repair

At Unique Engineering BD, customer service and satisfaction are our highest priorities. Part of that service means knowing that when you need someone to fix your PLC, you need to get it done as soon as possible. Without sacrifice quality, we work on productive ways to minimize your downtime. In most cases, your PLC is back and ready to go within a few days. If the situation calls for it, we offer you rush service in a day or two. Our commitment to customer service includes live 24/7 support as well, so there is always a knowledgeable professional ready to talk to you about your repair.

Why us?

One of the leading companies in Bangladesh. We have been providing quality and affordable PLC repairs for over five years. We have vast experience in repairing all types of PLCs and their supported modules. If you see any problem in your PLC, call one of the best professionals in our company to work again like new with our best quality PLC repair service. PLC has been serving since 2015. All big brands are well served. We have factory-trained technicians. Fast turnaround and low prices.

Refurbishment PLC

We completely repair and test most brands of PLC. We also have a refurbishment programmable logic controller (PLC) in our stock.

  • Fast post-warranty service and diagnostics.
  • Interesting financial options.
  • Spare parts are generally in stock.
  • Disassembling, assembling, and logistics determined.

Quick PLC Repair Service

For emergency repairs, we provide one to two day rush repair services at minimal cost. We can appreciate how critical it is to get the right parts in a timely manner to avoid costly downtime and reduced productivity, which is why we are making such rapid changes.

Your customer service team is available 24/7 for any concerns of your business. Feel free to contact one of our experienced professionals with questions. We have the high-tech testing tools needed to get to the root of your problem and we have the high-tech testing tools to determine how to get you back on track quickly.

24/7 PLC repair

Our PLC repairing service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with priority as per the requirement of the customers. Contact 0170-8879 884 to find out more about our electronic installer repair service.