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A pressure sensor is a device for measuring the pressure of gases or liquids. Pressure is an expression of the force needed to prevent fluid from expanding and is usually expressed in terms of the force per unit area. A pressure sensor usually acts as a transducer; It generates a signal as an action of compressed pressure. For the purposes of this article, such signals are electrical.

Used to control and monitor pressure sensors in thousands of applications. Pressure sensors can also be used to indirectly measure other changes such as liquid/gas flow, speed, water level, and altitude. Pressure sensors can alternatively be called pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, pressure transmitters, pressure indicators, piezometers, and manometers among other names.

Technology Sensor technology, design, performance, applications are appropriate, and Cost can vary significantly. One conservative estimate could be that more than 50 technologies and at least 300 companies could create pressure sensors worldwide.

There is also a type of pressure sensor designed to measure very high-speed changes in pressure in dynamic mode for capture. For example applications for this type of sensor would be to measure the combustion pressure in an engine cylinder or in a gas turbine. These sensors are usually made of piezoelectric materials such as quartz.

Some pressure sensors are pressure switches that turn on or off at a certain pressure. For example, a water pump can be controlled by a pressure switch so that it starts after the water is out of the system, reducing the pressure in the reservoir.

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