The servo drive compares the command motor status with the actual motor status. The voltage/frequency/pulse response from the motor for any deviation from the command reports accurately controls position control, velocity control, position accuracy, and incremental encoder response. Buy Servo Drive from Dhaka Bangladesh at Unique Engineering.

Most servo drives used in the industry are analog or digital. Digital drives differ from analog drives in having a microprocessor or computer that analyzes incoming signals while controlling the process. The microprocessor receives a pulse stream from an encoder that can set parameters as velocity. Servo Drive best supplier in bd.Analog drives have different electrical inputs typically controlling the speed through vol 10 volts. Most analog drives work using a touch generator to measure incoming signals and create the resulting torque demand. This torque demands the current request in the process depending on the response loop. This amplifier is referred to as a quadrilateral drive because the rotating side can accelerate, slow down, and brake.Servo systems can be used in CNC machine/factory automation and robotics. Their main advantage over traditional DC or AC motors is that they add motor feedback. This response can be used to detect unwanted motion or to confirm the accuracy of the ordered motion. The response is usually provided by some kind of encoder. Servo Drive/Motor Distributor/Agent/Importer/Supplier in Bangladesh is also the Country Agent of Industrial Machinery Sales and Service Center in Dhaka BD Market.Unique engineering industry automation company provides repair service of control card/PLC/HMI/servo drive/VFD/ and best quality repair at very special prices in the local market. 24 hours service support of experienced engineer.